Now Hiring!

Thanks to an avid reader of this website, check out human shit stain John Colby, eating his unhappy meal and taking up an entire table at McDonalds on Mission. I wonder what he’s doing? Spamming on Topix of course! He sure as hell isn’t applying for a job. Or looking for a place to live. We all know what a complete failure he is in those 2 areas. Hasn’t worked a job in over 25 years. Evicted from his Section 8 apartment and living out of a van in the Neary Lagoon parking lot (at least when he not filling his pie hole with McDonalds junk food). Damn he’s gotten FAT. Where’s your wife John? Taking a dump?

Fat Pat Body Shames Others

Fat slob Pat Colby weighs about 400 pounds. She has a face like a ferret. She lives in a van with her mentally ill brother and she never showers. She smells like a dirty litter box. And here she is, body shaming others, while she constantly cries about people calling her names. Do as she says, not as she does.

10 Months Later

It’s been 10 months since Pat got evicted for faking bedbugs in her bed. The one she shares with her brother. How about an update?

  • Are they both still homeless? Of course they are!
  • Are they both still living in their POS van around town? Of course they are!
  • Are they both still stalking and harassing people? Of course they are!
  • Are they both hopeless losers? Of course they are!
  • Have they learned anything from their past failures? Of course not!