John Cohen Colby Will Be Labeled an Idiot Among Other Things


Because that’s what he is. An idiot. Among other things. He’s also an evicted stalker. Who loves to mail himself gay porn. And has a very creepy, possibly incestuous relationship with his sister.

The stuff you can learn from reading this website!

John Cohen Colby Continues to Libel The John Stewart Company

Poor John. He just can’t let go. You’d think that after The John Stewart Company evicted him for stalking and harassment, he’d learn a tough life lesson and move on and become a better person.




As you can see by this screen capture of something he posted on his Facebook page, he’s still butt hurt at The John Stewart Company for evicting his dumb ass.

I’ll bet someone at The John Stewart Company would appreciate a heads up about this. They can add it to Pat’s file. She did like his comment. So I guess she believes that The John Stewart Company charges elderly and disabled tenants for repairs and maintenance that the government has already paid them for. That’s what John believes (he said he “believes” they do this, and after all he’s a “Doctor” with a real PhD!). And since Pat liked his comments, she must believe that The John Stewart Company does this too.


John Cohen Colby is Losing Respect for SCPD

Losing respect? Did he ever actually have any to lose? The guy has been nothing but a disrespectful, pain in the ass to SCPD for I don’t know, the last decade maybe? Maybe longer? It’s what he considers his job!

Here he goes libeling Mari Tustin again. He just doesn’t know when to quit.

Oh, and “GuerillaGorilla Advocacy, Inc.” is fake just like everything else about the Colbys. It’s not a real “Inc.”. That would mean it’s a corporation within the state of California. It’s not. To say it is and to promote it as such is fraud. Maybe the SEC should get involved, as well as the IRS, the Franchise Tax Board, and I’ll bet this also plays into their ongoing SSI “disability” fraud.

The Colbys know all about fraud.


This is What Delusional People Sound Like

THIS is what delusional people sound like.

John and Pat Colby actually have a Facebook group they call “Colby’s Documentation of Sociopathic Stalkers Robin Jansen and TBSC”. Gee, there’s nothing at all creepy about that group name. Let’s look at the creeps in it and the creepy stuff they post over there.

Here’s something Pat Colby recently shared. You decide who is stalking and harassing who here.


HUD Rejects John For Stupidity



Here’s another example of John stalking and harassing his former neighbors at the Mission Garden Apartments. In this case, the victim is someone named “Rory Lachica”, who I’ve noticed is a frequent victim of John and Pat’s ongoing stalking and harassment. 2 months later, John would be served with an eviction notice for stalking and harassing his neighbors and the staff of the Mission Garden Apartments. I laughed at how the woman from HUD addressed John’s laundry list of complaints in a calm and professional manner. John called this the “blow off letter” from HUD. Hilarious!

If you want to read more about this and his history on this, you gotta check this link out.

It’s John’s “smoking gun”

John Cohen Colby Needs Your Permission to Stalk and Harass You


At least that’s what the FBI told him. John has been stalking and harassing some guy he doesn’t know. Apparently, he thinks this guy and his girlfriend have been stalking him, his sister, and his dead mother (who isn’t complaining because she’s apparently dead).

Apparently self proclaimed FOIA expert John Cohen Colby wasn’t aware that people are entitled to their privacy, and the FBI kind of recognizes that right. You know, that same right he’s complaining to them about, they take that privacy stuff seriously.

Here’s what the FBI has to say about stalker assholes like John Colby and his FOIA requests he spams to anyone and everyone:

Public Interest Disclosure. If you seek disclosure of any existing records on this basis, you must demonstrate that the public interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests. In this regard, you must show that the public interest sought is a significant one, and that the requested information is likely to advance that interest.

Oh wait, you mean baseless personal vendettas against strangers don’t fit the bill?

I wonder how many people at the FBI got a laugh out of John’s request?


Just A Coincidence


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that these people that John stalks on Facebook and hates so much are the same people that he used to live next to in his Section 8 apartment in the Mission Garden Apartments. He drove them crazy until they finally had enough and together, with the help of the property managers and HUD had John evicted. It’s all spelled out in detail here.

  • Ongoing harassment of other tenants including but not limited to approaching and photographing female caregivers after dark” (So he’s a peeping tom too?)
  • Ongoing harassment and disturbance of quiet enjoyment of other residents including but not limited to harassment of disabled tenants” (Is that how he advocates for the disabled? By harassing them?)
  • Harassment of management including false accusations and gathering and publishing personal data regarding management employees and their families” (Sounds like stalking to me)
  • Stalking behavior at management staff” (I’m not the only who thinks so)

It’s all there, all the gory details, in John’s eviction notice, which John himself shared with the world online. It isn’t hard to find. Google found it for me.