John Cohen Colby Gives Us Etiquette Lessons


John is giving us lessons in decorum. Isn’t this the same John who was evicted for a lack of decorum and etiquette? I think it went well beyond inappropriate comments. I believe John was evicted for inappropriate BEHAVIOR. This included:

  • Ongoing harassment of other tenants including but not limited to approaching and photographing female caregivers after dark
  • Ongoing harassment and disturbance of quiet enjoyment of other residents including but not limited to harassment of disabled tenants
  • Harassment of management including false accusations and gathering and publishing personal data regarding management employees and their families
  • Stalking behavior at management staff

It’s all spelled out in detail here.


John Cohen Colby Will Be Labeled an Idiot Among Other Things


Because that’s what he is. An idiot. Among other things. He’s also an evicted stalker. Who loves to mail himself gay porn. And has a very creepy, possibly incestuous relationship with his sister.

The stuff you can learn from reading this website!

John Cohen Colby Continues to Libel The John Stewart Company

Poor John. He just can’t let go. You’d think that after The John Stewart Company evicted him for stalking and harassment, he’d learn a tough life lesson and move on and become a better person.




As you can see by this screen capture of something he posted on his Facebook page, he’s still butt hurt at The John Stewart Company for evicting his dumb ass.

I’ll bet someone at The John Stewart Company would appreciate a heads up about this. They can add it to Pat’s file. She did like his comment. So I guess she believes that The John Stewart Company charges elderly and disabled tenants for repairs and maintenance that the government has already paid them for. That’s what John believes (he said he “believes” they do this, and after all he’s a “Doctor” with a real PhD!). And since Pat liked his comments, she must believe that The John Stewart Company does this too.


John Cohen Colby is Losing Respect for SCPD

Losing respect? Did he ever actually have any to lose? The guy has been nothing but a disrespectful, pain in the ass to SCPD for I don’t know, the last decade maybe? Maybe longer? It’s what he considers his job!

Here he goes libeling Mari Tustin again. He just doesn’t know when to quit.

Oh, and “GuerillaGorilla Advocacy, Inc.” is fake just like everything else about the Colbys. It’s not a real “Inc.”. That would mean it’s a corporation within the state of California. It’s not. To say it is and to promote it as such is fraud. Maybe the SEC should get involved, as well as the IRS, the Franchise Tax Board, and I’ll bet this also plays into their ongoing SSI “disability” fraud.

The Colbys know all about fraud.


This is What Delusional People Sound Like

THIS is what delusional people sound like.

John and Pat Colby actually have a Facebook group they call “Colby’s Documentation of Sociopathic Stalkers Robin Jansen and TBSC”. Gee, there’s nothing at all creepy about that group name. Let’s look at the creeps in it and the creepy stuff they post over there.

Here’s something Pat Colby recently shared. You decide who is stalking and harassing who here.


John Cohen Colby Loves to Libel Strangers


John and Pat complain a lot about being stalked and harassed but let’s face it. Nobody stalks and harasses more people in Santa Cruz than John and Pat Colby. They are a wrecking crew of libel, online stalking, and harassment.

It’s the one thing they are truly good at.

Just for the record: John Cohen Colby does not know anyone named “Tom Cunniff” personally. He has no idea who he is, although he seemingly has lots of delusional theories about who he is. And the single “Like” on John’s comments came from his sister and girlfriend Pat. Go figure.

Got Spam?

Here’s a little (ok, it’s a lot) more insight into the delusional and hateful mind of John Cohen Colby. In this online rant he titled “Santa Cruz PD displays negligence and criminal association, adverse political influence”, John goes after the SCPD. As if he and his sister stalking them all day downtown isn’t bad enough.

And he doesn’t just go after the SCPD. He uses it as an excuse to libel, stalk and harass a number of innocent people that have nothing to do with his original complaint. And since John and Pat are both “disabled”, we pay for them to do this. Sad but true.

Here’s the full text:

“Formal appeal of CPRA response about email to Santa Cruz High School threatening mass shooting”

I am exercising my CPRA rights anticipating litigation to obtain (all) the requested records without waiting for the Santa Cruz Police Department to conclude its investigation and capture the suspect(s) if there actually are any.
I am acting in the public’s interest:
* They have a fundamental right to understand the threat to them and their children (if this reveals related acts of domestic terrorism against Santa Cruz County residents).
* I know about the Santa Cruz Police Department, the crimes of its leaders, and the unresolved murder of nineteen year old surfer Carl Reimer at the Mission Gardens Apartments at 90 Grandview Street (which has been investigated by at least eight lead detectives according to Carl’s distraught mother)
* I have observed that Deputy Chief Steve Clark seems embedded with domestic terror group Take Back Santa Cruz.
* I have observed from the Internet posting of Take Back Santa Cruz hate mongers (who have been gang stalking my sister and I although they and their leader Analicia Cube crazily claim we are stalking them) that Clark appears to have colluded with them to unethically and illegally destroy the progressive City Council campaigns of Leonie Sherman and Bruce Van Allen
* I don’t trust the Santa Cruz Police Department can complete a professional, competent, successful and speedy investigation.
* Carl Reimer’s family still has not received justice although he was slain at Mission Gardens where my sister Patricia Colby and I witnessed the probable shooter Dax Lachica yet they took the witness testimony of his gangster friends Dmitri Palmer, Drew Levine and Nick Peddle (none who called 911 like we did) and the testimony of gang den mother Rory Lachica who tutored them all in crime.
* The Santa Cruz Police Department adamantly refuses to use our witness testimony although we were passing confidential updates to then lead investigator Sergeant Jonathan Bush.
* Santa Cruz Police Department officers perjured themselves by telling federal agents from HUD’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) that there were gangsters at Mission Gardens while officers taking criminal police reports for us denied this.
* Santa Cruz Police Department officers claimed these criminals terrorizing me posed no threat to me — potentially to reduce the City of Santa Cruz’s liability for criminal negligence because I used court and police records to prove the department knowingly allowed dangerous criminals to reside and return there.
* The Santa Cruz Police Department protected these criminals (who terrorize the Mission Gardens community and pose a threat to the surrounding neighborhood) including but not limited to (fraudsters, sex criminals, alleged methamphetamine addicts and drug dealers, reckless DUI drivers, homophobes, mail thieves and hate criminals) Tania Story and Craig Akey, the (violent and reckless driving) Lachica mafioso family, (violent felon, reckless DUI driver and fraudster) Nebosia Freeman. (fraudster, homophobe and hate criminal) Kim Ellis and (fraudster, former methamphetamine abuser, alcoholic, reckless DUI driver, homophobe, mail thief and hate criminal) Robin Jansen who with others committed hate crimes against my sister and I claiming to other residents that we are insane and mentally unstable harassers, that I was and still am a *gay* child molester (especially to resident parents trying to incite hate violence against me), that my sister ad I are incestuous, that I eat her “clam”, that we fake our disabilities to defraud the government, that I hacked their computers, that I peep in Section 8 residents’ windows and who stalked my asthmatic sister with cigarettes and second hand tobacco smoke.
* The Santa Cruz Police Department allowed John Stewart Company Senior Vice President and Santa Cruz planning commissioner Mari Tustin — who endorsed former mayor and present County Supervisor Ryan Coonerty, former mayor Lynn Robinson, former mayor Cynthia Mathews and present city council member David Terrazas — to deny criminals resided at Mission Gardens while they terrorized my sister, I and other residents, then allowed John Stewart Company attorney Nathan Benjamin to falsely terminate my tenancy (during a HUD OIG investigation) claiming I was harassing these criminals by calling the police about their continuing criminal acts.
Thank you for noting all of this when you consider whether the Santa Cruz Police Department — especially Deputy Chief Steve Clark — will truly protect your students and their families over the interests of domestic terror group Take Back Santa Cruz and City Council members and City staff who are beholden to their anti-homeless, racist agenda of fear mongering to cement their hold on power.
Because a City of Santa Cruz Deputy Attorney claimed (in a letter) that about 20 carbon copied City of Santa Cruz officials all denied receiving an emailed CPRA request, I ask you to confirm receipt of this message ASAP via fax, email and telephone voicemail or I will continue resending it until I receive a confirmation.

Originally published 12/18/2014

Give Pat a Donut

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.


But in all seriousness, I’m guessing that the feelings are mutual about John and Pat from SCPD. John and Pat are notorious for stalking and harassing SCPD downtown along Pacific Avenue. They don’t even try to hide this fact. They seem to take pride in offending as many people as possible.

Here are just a couple examples, all posted on John’s YouTube account. He obviously takes pride in his stalking and harassment of SCPD.

John and Pat sticking their nose in someone else’s business:

Wow. Better get that all on video John.

Here’s Pat flaunting the fact that she’s faking her physical “disability” as she walks just fine along Laurel as she yaps on the phone with SCPD (around the 3:15 mark)

It’s a thug’s life. You’re judged by the friends you keep.

Thanks for the insight Pat. What would we do without you?