Do As We Say Not As We Do

Isn’t this laughable. You’d think that John and Pat Colby would have learned their lesson by now. FAT CHANCE. They’ve BOTH been evicted for stalking and harassing their neighbors, as well as the employees of their former property managers. “Forced out”? Read John’s eviction notice and tell me if that sounds like being “forced out”.

Did they see the light as a result of that experience? Are you kidding me? These 2 parasitic transients, who live out of their van, continue to stalk and harass people, like this poor Robin woman. Who still lives peacefully and comfortably where they used to live! These 2 made her life a living nightmare while they were neighbors. Now over a year since Pat and John were evicted, they continue to stalk and harass her.

Pat Colby started this idiotic Facebook page. That’s right. She’s too stupid to understand that what she cries and complains about is exactly the same type of behavior that she’s exhibiting here. It’s the same behavior that got her (and her moron brother) evicted from BOTH of their apartments. And since they both were evicted, NOBODY wants to give them a place to live in Santa Cruz. How long has it been now? Over a year since Pat got the boot. So if you see these 2 camping their piece of shit van on your street, call it in!

As long as they continue to stalk and harass people, I will continue to post about here. Think of this as a living archive of their hate.

Pat Colby Continues to Slander JSCO and Others

It’s right there on video. She slanders multiple people, including the property management company and it’s employees. She admits her brother has been living in the unit, the same brother the JSCO previously evicted for stalking and harassment of his neighbors. The Colbys appearĀ to fake a bed bug invasion to try to blackmail the property management company. The whole plan backfires when the property management company takes the complaint seriously and attempts to remediate the issue. Pat Colby then slanders the people just trying to do their job. These poor people have to deal with these assholes all the time, but that time is coming to end soon. She’s violated her lease multiple times, she confesses to this on video, and it’s just a matter of time before she receives an eviction notice. Just another day in the life of John and Pat Colby, Santa Cruz’s biggest losers.