John Cohen Colby Knows All About Being Held Accountable For Misdeeds


John is such a hypocrite. He posts this on Facebook and links to some anonymous crap he posted on IndyBay (where pussies like John go to libel others). He knows first hand what being held accountable for his misdeeds is like. He’s living with the consequences! It was 2 years ago he was evicted from his Section 8, taxpayer supported apartment, and let’s see why he was evicted. Why it was BECAUSE OF HIS MISDEEDS! THESE ARE FACTS. Not delusional 4AM stream of meth consciousness ramblings from evicted stalkers.

What a grocery list of misdeeds. Let’s list a few.

  • Ongoing harassment of other tenants including but not limited to approaching and photographing female caregivers after dark
  • Ongoing harassment and disturbance of quiet enjoyment of other residents including but not limited to harassment of disabled tenants
  • Harassment of management including false accusations and gathering and publishing personal data regarding management employees and their families
  • Stalking behavior at management staff

Read all about it!