John is Confused Again


Poor John. He gets so confused when he stops taking his meds. He knows his arch nemesis, Take Back Santa Cruz, isn’t a hate group. People love Take Back Santa Cruz. They have almost 13,000 members in their Facebook group.

He thinks because they hate HIM that they should be labeled a “hate group”.

John has earned every ounce of hate. He works hard for his hate. Just like his caregiver and snuggle bunny Pat Colby! They work hard for their hate of all things TBSC. And it works! TBSC hates John and Pat Colby (or at least many of it’s members do). A name can’t really hate, but the people behind the name? Those who know the name “Colby” usually have one of 2 reactions. They either laugh or they shake their head. Usually, they do both.