Give Pat a Donut

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.


But in all seriousness, I’m guessing that the feelings are mutual about John and Pat from SCPD. John and Pat are notorious for stalking and harassing SCPD downtown along Pacific Avenue. They don’t even try to hide this fact. They seem to take pride in offending as many people as possible.

Here are just a couple examples, all posted on John’s YouTube account. He obviously takes pride in his stalking and harassment of SCPD.

John and Pat sticking their nose in someone else’s business:

Wow. Better get that all on video John.

Here’s Pat flaunting the fact that she’s faking her physical “disability” as she walks just fine along Laurel as she yaps on the phone with SCPD (around the 3:15 mark)

It’s a thug’s life. You’re judged by the friends you keep.

Thanks for the insight Pat. What would we do without you?