Mental Illness Runs in the Family

It’s pretty apparent that anyone who knows who John and Pat Colby are through their incessant stalking of people think they both suffer from some kind of mental illness. It’s why nobody takes them seriously.

Here’s an example from Pat. First she posted this on Facebook. It’s kind of their “big picture” plan on how they plan to stalk people in order to get a reaction from them, then sue them (even though they have no idea who they are suing or any proof they did it). Let’s sue those deep pocketed 1% trust fund haters to fund our lazy, fraudulent asses beyond what they already give us. That makes about as much sense as mailing yourself gay porn thinking that the neighbors will empathize with you.


Then she also posts this on a different Facebook page. Here she is clearly stalking and libeling other people. Isn’t that what she’s crying about?


Why I’d almost call that bipolar. I wonder if that’s her so called disability?