Just A Coincidence


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that these people that John stalks on Facebook and hates so much are the same people that he used to live next to in his Section 8 apartment in the Mission Garden Apartments. He drove them crazy until they finally had enough and together, with the help of the property managers and HUD had John evicted. It’s all spelled out in detail here.

  • Ongoing harassment of other tenants including but not limited to approaching and photographing female caregivers after dark” (So he’s a peeping tom too?)
  • Ongoing harassment and disturbance of quiet enjoyment of other residents including but not limited to harassment of disabled tenants” (Is that how he advocates for the disabled? By harassing them?)
  • Harassment of management including false accusations and gathering and publishing personal data regarding management employees and their families” (Sounds like stalking to me)
  • Stalking behavior at management staff” (I’m not the only who thinks so)

It’s all there, all the gory details, in John’s eviction notice, which John himself shared with the world online. It isn’t hard to find. Google found it for me.