John Cohen Colby’s Creepy Relationship With His Sister

I think it’s fine to love your sister. To a degree.

Sister? Lover? Both?
Sister? Lover? Slover?

But there’s definitely something odd and creepy about John’s relationship with his sister Pat. John is over 50 years old and is seemingly attached at the hip to his sister. They are always together. They are both welfare cheating disability frauds, so they have a lot in common and lot’s of free time on their hands. And what do they do with it? They stalk and harass innocent people they don’t like or who don’t agree with them. That’s all they do. All day. All night.

Their relationship is so close that if you didn’t know they were brother and sister, you’d think they were husband and wife. Maybe they are that too?

I can understand why John probably has a hard time meeting women. First of all, have you seen what he looks like? He’s a hot mess. Have you heard him talk? He’s effeminate as hell. Have you seen the way he dresses? He walks around in public with a chimp hat on all the time. I’m not even sure he likes women. For someone who claims to be heterosexual, he sure spends a lot of time whining about LBGT issues. I’ve even heard from MGA residents that tell me he was caught taking gay porn from his mailbox.

So what’s the deal with John and Pat? Are they siblings? Are they lovers? Are they both?

Might be time for an FOIA request to get to the bottom of this!